Wednesday, July 4

BREAKING: BBC reporter freed (updated)

MSNBC is reporting that BBC journalist Allan Johnston has been freed, according to an AP report:
Johnston was not seen after the announcement, but the Islamic militant group said he was in the custody of its military wing and meeting with deposed Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas.

Now, what about the eight Israeli soldiers STILL
in Hamas and Hizbullah captivity, including
Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eyal Regev?
Here's an interesting debate on the issue of releasing Palestinian prisoners to get their safe return. More on this here, here and here.

Update: a powerful message from Aish:
"We all have a tendency to think, 'I am only one person! What can I possibly do to help bring the captured soldiers home to their families?' But if every person who is reading these words would take one small step to bring Gilad, Eldad, and Udi home, then together we could make a real difference. Remember, even a marathon starts with a single first step.
What can you do? The following are a few suggestions:

• Commit to keeping a new mitzvah (spiritual precept) in the soldiers' honor, for example, lighting Shabbat candles every week before sunset, refraining from eating meat and milk at the same meal, attending a weekly Torah class
• Write to your representatives in the government. Tell them that you haven't forgotten about Israel's captured soldiers, and that they shouldn't either
• Forward this article to ten friends to raise awareness
• Give charity to merit the soldiers
• Donate directly to the campaign to release the soldiers:
Recite the Soldiers' Psalm (Psalm 102) Listen to the Psalm in the original Hebrew.

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