Sunday, June 3

Shocking video expose' captures IDF's warmongering battle chant

Lyrics: "Peace will yet descend upon us, one and all... (repeat)"

Shot on the steps between floors at Jerusalem's Central Bus Station. Having used the station and those stairs innumerable times, I can tell you that such a scene isn't an unusual occurrence. 'Specially when you have to ask them to move their backpacks aside so you can pass with yours.

In the words of Mererhetoric:
You can easily see the same kind of scene playing out in Saudi Arabia or Iran. The heaviness of depression and the lack of morale - the growing despondency of Israelis that the LA Times keeps telling us about - that comes through in the movie.

Oh - and the love of war. The whole joyfully singing about peace thing really brings that out, don't you think? It's always like this - there seems to be little difference between the Israeli approach to life and the seething of their genocidal enemies. Except for the vast and total difference between the two.
In a similar vein, here are two report with Israeli troops I prepared during a visit along the border with Lebanon during last summer's war against Hizbullah:


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