Friday, June 15

Krazy Kaption Kontest! 'Please place all weapons on the x-ray conveyor...'

Captions, anyone?

A Hamas militant poses inside an X-ray machine, at the passport processing area of the Rafah Border Crossing, in the southern Gaza Strip, June 15, 2007.
(AP Photo/Hatem Omar, MaanImages)


Phelps said...

I'll tell you what I will do when we wrest control of this land from the Zionists and thier colaborators, Ahmed... I'm riding the x-ray machine."

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

"If you think you are going to smuggle in 3 bottles of Chivas AND that digital video camera without paying meches, I seriously suggest you reconsider taking the RED line..."

muse said...

You know that their medical care is faulty. He thought it was a CAT scan.


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