Sunday, June 17

Katyusha salvo slams into Israel (video)

Just shook the dust off this map from last summer.
It'll do for the moment, since it's the same ole' same ole...
"Six Katyusha rockets were fired at Israel on Sunday afternoon, landing in Kiryat Shmona and elsewhere in the North, causing damage to property but no casualties.

"One of the rockets hit a car in the industrial zone located in the northern part of the town, and a second rocket landed in a residential area in the southern part of the town. One rocket hit a UNIFIL position in southern Lebanon and the location of another three have yet to be found.

"It is the first rocket attack on Israel since the end of last summer's Second Lebanon War when over 1000 rockets were fired at the town and over 4000 at Israel's northern border."
More here.

Update: Since we're talking about Lebanon and war, there's this:
In less than one month, Israel will mark the one-year anniversary of the Second Lebanon War. The Ministerial Committee for Symbols and Ceremonies decided Sunday to hold an official ceremony to mark the occasion.

According to the resolution, a ceremony will be held annually on the 16th of the Hebrew month of Tamuz (around July). The Defense Ministry will be resposible for organizing the ceremony, along with Yad Labanim, an organization that commemorates Israel's fallen soldiers.
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