Sunday, June 3

Hooters, Howard Stern & Israel

Hooters Girls
Colleague Brian Blum offers his take on two recent post-Zionist westernization trends:
Last month the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot carried a small item that the U.S. restaurant chain Hooters plans to open its first branch in Israel this summer. That was followed by a piece indicating that a Tel Aviv radio station is in negotiations to bring the Howard Stern Show to the Israeli airwaves.

Now, regular readers know that I am not one of those who pine away for the "good old days" in Israel when all the women were strong and the men were good looking (apologies to
Garrison Keillor). I like the comforts of modernity and in general the ever-shrinking gap between Israel and North America, both in terms of distance and culture, is a good thing. But this may be going too far.
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Barbara said...

You may not like Stern, but I have been listening for about 18 years. He's VERY pro-Israel and always has been.

I would just worry what Hooters & Stern's presence in Israel would do to incense the already insane Jihadis next door.

Dave Bender said...


Read the post again. I said nothing for or agin' Stern - I just quoted a colleague's worthy take in the issues involved.

Thanks for writing in.


Dave Bender said... for your second 'graf - likely oil on an already growing blaze.



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