Thursday, June 14

Gaza falls to Hamas: a wake-up call from hell

And here's some food for thought:
"Wonder what Iraq would look like if we left tomorrow? Take a look at Gaza today. Then imagine a situation a thousand times worse."

(...) "And there's humor in Hell: The Islamist madmen behind Hamas call Fatah fighters "the American Jew Army." We've come a long way, boychick, when fellow Arabs anoint the late Yasser Arafat's thugs as tools of the Great Satan and the Lesser Satan."
Still unconvinced? Then watch this report from Israel's Channel 10 television:

What to do? Well, there are calls for a multinational force. In the snarky question of one poster at a popular blog, "...does that mean the US Marines and the IDF?"

Hopefully, whoever it won't be as useless and neutered as the one along the Lebanese border with Israel (hey -- thanks a million for that gesture, guys).

And speaking of useless and neutered, a "senior state official," (wink, nudge) says Israel won't intervene in the clashes.

Meanwhile, in the West Bank,
Fatah gunmen and Palestinian Authority policemen on Thursday launched a wide-scale crackdown on Hamas figures and institutions in the West Bank. More than 30 Hamas officials and supporters were rounded up in Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin and Tulkarm.
But, no worries!:
Defense Minister Amir Peretz told a weekly meeting of security officials that Israel would not allow the ongoing violence between rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip to spread into attacks on southern Israel, meeting participants said.
There now. Don't you feel safer already?
Israel's security?

"Eagle-eye," Peretz has
"Got it covered!"

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Andreas said...

Hi Dave,

nice to read your thoughts again. It's indeed a frightening situation over there in Gaza. When you watch the reports in our news-magazines there is really only one thought: They have gone mad.

But then, you thin, no. They have not gone mad. They have been mad all the time. But they played a game. And now - the game continues on the next level.

Really worried,


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