Sunday, May 6

Israeli-led team discovers new planet; Olmert, Peretz mull visit

Grease? It's just one of the most fitting words here.
Knesset member (Labor) Shelly Yechimovitch,
Defense Minister Amir Peretz
From The Jerusalem Post:
"Hizbullah has rebuilt itself and is prepared for another Israeli strike," Naim Kassem, the deputy secretary general of the Iranian-backed terror organization told Al Jazeera TV on Saturday.
"We have completed the groundwork necessary and we have new battle plans," Kassem added.
Meanwhile, in another dimension - "a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind," we have this:
"The person who will inherit the defense portfolio from me will receive a ministry in better condition than the one I headed," Defense Minister Amir Peretz said in a Channel 2 TV interview aired on Saturday.
Peretz was responding to the Winograd Committee's interim report, published on Monday, which put the most of the blame for the outcome of the Second Lebanon War on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Peretz and former IDF chief of general staff Lt. -Gen. [res.] Dan Halutz.
...Amir, motek, (sigh) ya' yutz, dafuk b'sechel, listen - "You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination."

Peretz, in a typical, telling
moment of military vision

But listen - if you hurry, there's still time for you and Ehudi to book a ticket:
An international team headed by a Tel Aviv University astronomer has discovered a new planet, HAT-P-2b, outside our solar system. The planet's "mother star" is some 400 light years from Earth.
More on this story here.

IDF troops returning from Lebanon,
after battles in Summer of 2006.

Remember, dear readers: A nation of heroes, a government of cowards.

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