Thursday, April 26

Palestinian human rights advocate slams Arab culture for woes (Exclusive video interview - Updated)

Jerusalem-based Palestinian human rights advocate Bassam Eid on Palestinian suffering:
"It's not because of occupation but because of Arab culture... They could have, at least, built the infrastructure of Gaza strip."
Read the rest here in the The Washington Times.

How he's still alive after repeatedly slamming the Palestinian leadership for years is a mystery to me. Many who have voiced far more neutered criticism of the Palestinians have commonly died in shootings or been found strung up on telephone poles in Ramallah and Gaza.

I have no doubt that voices in Palestinian society and the Arab world would consider his measured (and all the more scathing for that) appraisal of the Palestinian leadership's failings treasonous. I have interviewed Eid, and in my honest opinion, he means what he says, and walks the walk. Any viewer has to give him credit for that.

Eid, in a refreshingly honest, forthright and exclusive interview, shares his analysis of the state of the Palestinian leadership, power-sharing with Hamas, relations with Israel, and the relative state of freedom to critique Arab society - only available in Israel.

(More clips of my interview with Eid, held in 2004/5 will be posted here during the day. D)
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Part 3:

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