Monday, April 2

Kosher-for-Passover Pizza, Cakes & Other Goodies

Wow. Talk about deja-vu. Here I was Googling for something on "kosher-for-Passover pizza," and I stumble upon my own video report from exactly one year ago, when I was working with just goes to show how the memory is the first thing to go. But mine is still perfect, knock on wood.

...did you hear that? Is that someone at the door?

Er', anyway, how times have changed. Well, maybe not so much, but neither the young guy appearing in the first clip, Adam Ross, myself or almost anyone else who was employed there at the time remains. We've all moved on to other endeavors, mostly in the media, some even remain on the same continent...
With Passover nearing, Infolive TV brings you a look into the process of Matzoh-making in the Hassidic community of Kfar Chabad, and shows you how an ullikely dish - pizza - is transformed into a kosher for Passover delicacy.

Watch the fun here.


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