Friday, April 20

Israel at 59 to Hamas: you need us

Cor-ten steel sculpture on observation deck of
Tel Aviv's Azrieli Towers (Photo: Dave Bender)

From Bradley Burston in Haaretz:
To you, the leaders and activists of Hamas, on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the darkest day on the Palestinian calendar, I offer my sympathy.

After all this time, perhaps there is only one thing more galling for you than the fact that the State of Israel still exists: the fact that you need us.

(...)You want to believe that if you wait long enough, endure enough anguish, exact enough revenge, the Jews will relent. It seems only fair, only just, that after all this sacrifice and struggle, you will come into possession of the very state for which you have sworn to give your very life.

You don't know the Jews

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