Sunday, April 15

Breaking: Pal' group says killed captive BBC reporter

From Ynet:
Palestinian Jihad and Tawheed Brigades say Alan Johnston has been executed, blame British, Palestinian governments...

BBC reporter Alan Johnston has been killed by an al-Qaeda affilated Palestinian organization, according to an internet statement obtained by Ynetnews.

The statement was signed by the Palestinian Jihad and Tawheed Brigades, an organization named after an Iraqi al-Qaeda group.
Maybe this will convince the British National Union of Journalist's call to sanction and boycott - Israel.

Yeah. Right. /sarc off...


Jack's Shack said...

They'll probably come up with a reason to blame Israel for this.

Dave said...

Jack, Jack, Jack...

Impetuous youth that you are - savlanoot, habibi!

The day is still young, and the US east coast news cycle's just revving up for the day.

Wanna' bet, say a headliner on Drudge by, oh, 17:00 EST?



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