Monday, April 2

...And this just in: Matzah ice cream in Israel (updated to an, umm, fuller meal)

Seders will never be the same (and I'm not real sure that's a good thing...)

Ben & Jerry’s is marketing a matzah-flavored ice cream in Israel.
"Matzah Crunch" was developed exclusively for the Jewish state, Avi Singer, the general manager of Ben & Jerry's in Israel, was quoted as saying in Israel's Maariv newspaper on Sunday.

The French vanilla-flavored ice cream contains chips of chocolate-covered matzah. It must be bought directly from the Ben & Jerry's factory in Yavne and costs about $4.50 a pound.

Maariv said the new flavor could be sold in Israeli supermarkets next year.
Send Pizza and Soda (Pepsi or Coca-Cola) to actve duty Israeli Soldiers
You know, a kosher-for-Passover Coke and kosher-for-Passover Pizza would go well with this...

A few questions for tomorrow night at the Seder - (NOT the "Famous Four," and not to be confused with the Fantastic Four...):
  • Do Ben & Jerry - well-known for supporting left-of-center causes, know about PizzaIDF, and would they do a co-branding deal?
  • Does this go as dessert (aka - "afikomen") after the matzah-based pizza at Reform Seders?
  • Can the "Days of the Redeemer of Israel" be far behind?

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