Sunday, March 11

Israeli Yemenite martial arts grandmaster goes viral

One of the most commented-on video clips I've posted lately (and that hasn't turned into a virulent anti-Israel/Jewish slimefest - as seen here - and that was after I culled the pond scum) is of a Yemenite martial arts style taught in Israel called Abir. From a fascinating Wiki entry:
Abir אַבִּיר‎ was the name of the fighting technique of Israelite warriors. Today, Grandmaster Yehoshua Sofer teaches his family tradition of the Abir Warror Arts.[1] There are two schools for Abir, one in Jerusalem and the second in Tel Aviv. Prior to founding the Abir Warrior Arts schools, Grandmaster Sofer was best known in the martial arts world as a master of Kuk Sool Won, a Korean martial art.
Just watch the high-speed hack-attack below:

The original video is posted here, and the new "official" Abir site is here (and still somewhat buggy, so give the Flash intro a minute to load to reach the splash page).


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