Monday, March 5

Getting down from being high - safely

To all my readers: Yes, I've been away - thanks for coming back. Meanwhile, my latest article for just went up:

Getting people out of a high-rise office tower or apartment building quickly and safely in an emergency usually means using the elevator or stairwell. But what happens when both of those methods are blocked, or the individual is incapacitated and can't get to them?

Ever since buildings began rising over four or five stories, passing the reach of even the longest fire department ladders, a trio of threats have kept police and fire departments, safety officials and building engineers awake nights: fire, earthquakes, and now, terrorism.

Inventors and designers, spurred by the devastating terror attacks against the World Trade Center, have tried everything from sedate open and closed slides, to chutes and ladders, helicopters and hovercraft, external elevators, and even supposedly 'easy-to-use' parachutes.

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