Wednesday, March 28

Gaza: Shiite Happens

GAZA, March 27 (AP) — An earthen embankment around a sewage reservoir that was filled to capacity collapsed Tuesday, and officials said it spewed a “tsunami” of waste and mud that killed five people and forced residents to flee Umm Naser, a village in the northern Gaza Strip.
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Israel sent sump pumps, and offered other aid but - well, you already know about the reply, right?
Seven Qassam rockets landed Wednesday across the western Negev. No injuries were reported in the attacks.

The rockets landed in open fields near Ashkelon and Sderot. One of the Qassams fell near a strategic facility in the Ashkelon industrial area south of the city.

That "strategic facility" would be where the nation's Reading power-station, oil depots and Israel's own waste-treatment facilities are located. Guess Hamas wanted to share the joy. Read the rest here.

Oh - and the metal the rockets were made from? Sewer pipes Israel sent to Gaza to build their sewage system.

Annnnd - this just in:
Army attacks target in northern Strip from air, hits Qassam launching cell. Palestinian report civilians hurt in strike, one of them sustaining critical wounds.
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