Thursday, January 11

Tel Aviv: 'Love for sale... flatpack love for sale'

Yo! Aza' zonot...

Strumpet, trollop, streetwalker, whore, lady of the evening, B-girl, harlot, hooker, hustler, prostitute, scarlet woman, working girl.

From the site (their Heblish, not mine):
the basic idea is that the prices of rent in tel aviv has become extremely expensive - and we are pushed to pimp ourselves to find a decent apartment at a decent price.
we brought the world's best real estate polluters to tel aviv: the whores (prostitutes, hookers...).
it is simple:
more whores in your neighborhood = lower prices.
renters all over the world unite!
spread the word

Love for sale,
Appetizing young love for sale.
Love that's fresh and still unspoiled,
Love that's only slightly soiled,

(S'cool, dudes and dudettes: all of the above is "worksafe")

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