Sunday, January 7

The poison within

Damn, I wish I had written this*. A healthy dose of Hell, fire and brimstone from former JPost colleague Shirley Zauer, excoriating the appalling corruption reeking from every level of the elected government and "leadership" of the State of Israel:

Just what we needed, another major scandal, this one involving the Taxation Authority, the institution whose call can make the toughest quake in their shoes, even if they are as clean as the driven snow.

What is it about this country?

Why is that just about every institution is tainted with corruption: from the prime ministership, to the Knesset, to government ministries and authorities, to the police, and to local authorities, which can't pay their workers, because they've already used up the money they've been given to pay them?

Read it all.

*Last week as this story first broke, a video editor and I were translating, editing and voicing the main Channel 2 TV news for JerusalemOnline. Between recording cuts, we both noted with disgust the stench emanating from almost any public office you'd care to mention...

Good on you Shirley for beating me to the punch.

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