Wednesday, January 10

Olmert, bribery, resignation & Jerusalem's secret nuke shelter

Did that headline cover most of
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Webzine Israel Insider reports:
Channel 10 reported Tuesday evening that Attorney General Menachem Mazuz plans to instruct Israel Police to launch an investigation against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert over three affairs to which he is allegedly connected.

According to the report, the decision to open a criminal investigation was made during the investigation of alleged criminal conduct in the selling of Bank Leumi's majority shares.
Ynet News, amplifying this report, quotes a source in the Ministry of Justice who opines that:
Olmert has public and legal obligation to resign upon becoming focus of police investigation.
And, while we're at it with a "Hop-On-Pop" post against Olmert, let's wrap with an acidic commentary by hard right-wing political wannabe Moshe Feiglin, who weighs in about the massive bomb shelter taking shape - somewhere - beneath the Knesset Parliament building and the exit from the capital:
Why does Israel have to invest three billion shekels ($700 million) to build an underground nuclear bomb shelter for the government? For those of you who do not understand what the endless construction work at the entrance to Jerusalem is all about, we have some disconcerting news. The construction is part of an atomic shelter six kilometers (four miles) long in which Olmert, Livni, Peretz and their aides can continue to run the country with no fear -- even if a nuclear mushroom is billowing at street level. The shelter also serves as a shortcut to Israel's airport. No, this is not a joke. An elevator descends from the Prime Minister's office to the secret tunnels, far from the traffic congestion on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway -- or the radioactive fallout -- straight to the airport and the reunion with Olmert's sons in New York. It's sort of like a modern-day Cave of Tzedekiah.
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The Jerusalem Post report on this amazing, but true story is here. And the government isn't the only one digging deeper.


Anonymous said...

I am a little suspicious, I have never seen Olmert and Richard Nixon in the same place at the same time

Michael said...

And you won't, now, yid, because Nixon is dead.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if Olmert & Co go and hide in a hold underground, because then, just maybe, someone competent will run Israel.

Or no one will, which may still be an improvement...


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