Friday, January 12

Man loses nose in circumcision

A "briss" gone terribly wrong...

A traditional circumcision ceremony in South Africa went awry over the weekend when a policeman had his nose bitten off.

The policeman had tried to put paid to an argument between a man and his family during the ceremony in the Eastern Cape province, when the man attacked him, biting off his nose.

The aggrieved policeman then shot the 30-year-old man in the chest, the SAPA news agency reported.

Both are now recovering in hospital.

Circumcision is a rite of passage for some South African boys who go through a lengthy initiation before undergoing the procedure.

Two questions: Who was the mohel, and just how lengthy was the "initiation" - it sounds like they saved on catering costs by doing "the procedure" at the Bar Mitzva. Guess the Manischewitz "Mad Dog 20/20" really packed a punch...

Well, at least the kid wasn't the one needing hospitalization.

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