Friday, January 12

Jerusalem: Friday morning at the market (exclusive video)

This is a ridiculously great way to warm up a rainy, freezing Friday morning in the Mahane Yehuda open-air market.

The duo of buskers are regulars in the market, and are regaling (con brio!) shoppers with a well-known melody welcoming in the Sabbath.

The chef (one taste and you'll agree...) at the stall - one of my regular stops - is preparing a steaming hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven, "Ramla-style" boreka pastry. Made with filo dough, and stuffed with cheese, pickles, a sliced egg, salt, pepper, za'atar and topped off with tahini sauce and a dollop of fiery "schug," (the "ch" is pronounced as though you just swallowed a whole spoonful) this am-freakin'-brosia, and the music make for serious contendahs' in prepping physically and spiritually for the coming Sabbath.

Dialogue between owner & bystander (offscreen):

Bystander: He's filming us for the Internet?!
Owner: Yeah.
Bystander: No kidding?... Wha' - and I'm not famous here?
Owner: He stopped by - you weren't around...
Me: He's preparing something for me, something simply out-rageous[ly good]...

Here's something sweet (well, spicy, actually...) about Israel cinema classics and borekas from Jewlicious.

More video, pics and written coverage among the market stalls is here. Colleague Shoshana Cordova penned ("keyboarded?") a superb article about the "up-scale-ization" of the shuk here.

Meanwhile, I've got to get going with my own Shabbat prep, so Shabbat Shalom, and have a great weekend.


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