Thursday, January 11

Israel: Pondering 'Hammerin' time' with Iran

Former US immigrant and advisor to Menachem Begin, and New York Post columnist, Zev Chafets mulls whether Israel "doing the right thing," by Iran may, in fact, mean doing the unexpected thing.

It is possible, even likely, that Israel could survive an Iranian nuclear attack physically — but not psychologically. It is doubtful that Israel could carry on as a sane, not to mention democratic, society. This is the great insight of Ahmadinejad.

An Israel assaulted in this way would react, of course. But it might not react in the predictable, proportionate, tit-for-tat fashion that the realists have laid out.

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Michael said...

Dave, an Israeli reaction to a nuclear attack absolutely must be completely out of proportion to the damage we suffer... otherwise, there is no deterrence against an enemy absolutely willing to die.

Good point, though, about psychological survival.

Dave said...

Thanks, Michael - but that was Chafets - not me.

I appreciate your taking the time to leave the comments, both here and on the previous post.

You wrote: "And you won't, now, yid, because Nixon is dead"

Huh?! You talkin' to me?


Michael said...

no, I was talking to YidwithLid, who said that he's never seen Olmert and Nixon in the same room...

And thank you for coming by my site. I've gone and linked to you.

Anonymous said...

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