Sunday, December 31

Washington PostGlobal end-of-2006: readers' fave proverb or saying

Replying to a Washington PostPostGlobal 2006-year-end query:

What is your favorite proverb or saying from where you live that you would want to share with the world? What does your proverb tell us about today?

I responded:

"We survived Pharaoh? We'll survive this, too..." goes the refrain of a popular song released many years ago by veteran Israeli pop-rocker, Ariel Zilber.

Casting a wry and darkly acerbic, yet wearily hopeful eye at personal and national predicaments, the tune tallies a litany of woe, each stanza ending with the tag line reminding the listener that a bit of historical perspective in facing crises is a useful trait.

The song incorporates a traditional Jewish attitude, memorialized in the Passover Seder, of sensible gumption and looking beyond the present peril to better times ahead. And not a moment too soon, taking a quick look up-thread at some of the obnoxious, mean-spirited replies slamming Jews ("Neocons" in WaPo PC-speak) and Israel in what was - clearly - to have been a pleasant, end-of-year multiculti "contrast and compare." Sheesh. Get. a. life. you losers...

And to the rest of the WaPo bloggerati: a healthy and successful 2007 to you and yours.

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