Monday, December 18

US immigrant to Israel yocks the house for Hanukkah

Campbell told me his amazing aliya (immigration to Israel) saga last year in an interview for The Jerusalem Post's local weekend edition, "In Jerusalem." Not only a very funny and honest guy, Yisrael is the kind of warm, clear -eyed neshama that we need here:

"So what's so funny about Israel?" I asked him in the Sept., 2005 interview...
"Damn near everything," says 42-year-old Yisrael Campbell, a Torah student, stand-up comic, father of twins and a convert who made aliyah five years ago. After entertaining the crowd from behind the mike at comedy clubs from Los Angeles and Las Vegas, to New York and London, his close-up-and-personal humor is now yocking the house throughout Israel.

"When I was 19 I read Exodus," says [Campbell], recalling the initial spark to his Zionistic fire. "I was ready to move to Israel; I was ready to turn the desert green. If Kitty Fremont (Exodus's female protagonist) was still here, she'd have been about 85..." he guffaws.

More here (in their for-pay archives). More interviews are here.

(H T: Kesher Talk)

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