Friday, December 22

Israeli economy shrugs off military, political woes

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Israel business news
Fitch Changes Israel's Outlook to Positive:
Fitch Ratings Monday changed the outlook on Israel's foreign and local currency Issuer Default ratings (IDR) to Positive from Stable. "The Positive Outlook reflects the Israeli economy's increased dynamism and resilience following the reforms of recent years, demonstrated by the limited economic impact of the war in Lebanon and the strong rebound now underway," said Richard Fox, Head of Middle East and Africa Sovereign Ratings at Fitch.
Seeking Affordability in Israel:
Home ownership is widespread in Israel, where some 70% of the country's 5 million citizens own their own homes.
Refusal to Cooperate Leaves Arab Economies Far Behind Israel's:
This year Israel recorded the best economic year in its history. In the 1990s, Israel proposed that the Arab world join it to transform the Middle East in a grand renaissance of prosperity and renewal. The Arabs rejected the vision and a new Middle East didn't materialize. On the contrary, the vision only led to the rise of Islamic defiance that found itself threatened by it. Israel sincerely wanted to advance a joint economy with the Palestinians and Jordan, but Arab leaders refused.

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