Saturday, December 23

IaLG on Yahoo 'You Witness News': The Lebanon War

Yahoo News is featuring the second Lebanon War, The Iraq War and the US-Mexico immigration debate in a three-part audio slideshow on their "You Witness" News year-end review.

A Yahoo editor separately interviewed a Lebanese college student, Rami Cheleb and myself about photographs we shot during the fighting and posted to our respective Flickr sites.

I spoke of scenes of wanton destruction and loss of life across the north and along the border during the conflict, of Israelis, civilian and soldiers, and locations affected by the some 4,000 Hizbullah Katyusha rocket barrages. Horrific details about one lethal rocket strike are here.

Considering the time constraints, I felt our half-hour interview was professionally conducted and fair, and was boiled down to about 33-seconds and six photos for my segment. As for the final product, well, you listen in and watch and let me know.

For comparison, here are a few segments from our discussion, wrapped into a longer podcast. Leave a comment below with your impressions: Fair/unfair, slanted/balanced and to which side?

The full photo series is here, video coverage is here, and the audio is here, and in the Odeo podcast gadget up there near the top left-hand side of this page.


FASTAC_6 said...

M M said...

The photos from Lebanon do not begin to address the fact of hizbos using civilians for concealment and cover, thereby ensuring civilian casualties.

Did I think the presentation was even-handed? No.


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