Monday, December 4

Gaza: it's a family affair

Gaza: it's a family affair (Photo: archive)
From Haaretz:
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday the government would react with
restraint to continuing Qassam attacks, saying Israel was hoping to give the cease-fire a chance to develop into further steps toward a peace process.

Olmert, who has said he was running out of patience with the ongoing
rocket attacks, did not tell the parliamentary committee what level of violence would prompt an Israeli reaction.
Do you suppose the following would do the trick?
Al Mullah Omar, 24, is a fighter for the Popular Resistance Committees. Anyone interested in attacking Israel can join the group, he said. All that matters is that fighters are willing to attack Israelis by any means, no matter how long the odds of success. The group's ethos of pure militancy has made it the fastest-growing armed wing in Gaza, aided, according to Israeli authorities, by generous funding from Iran. Omar expects his children to grow up to be fighters.

"If I have a son and he doesn't join the resistance, I'll snap his neck," Omar said.
But at least Omar's saying this during the "ceasefire," huh?

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