Saturday, November 4

Tel Aviv: River of Light in a waning sky (Photo)

Tel Aviv: River of Light
(Photo: Dave Bender)

Shot this image of north Tel Aviv skyline, traffic and water during a sudden cloudburst last week in the quickly ebbing day, as dusk closed in on drivers headed home; others still lighting the office towers into the night.

More images are here.

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Ezzie said...

That's a great pic!

Idan said...

Nice photo. :)

You've got a nice fat hexagonal lens flare at the top-right, probably from the bright streetlight at right, a little lower. Clone that bad boy away, IMO -- it's the only thing distracting me from an otherwise great image. :)

(NB: I am a nitpicker so don't take what I say too seriously. ;))

Dave said...

Thanks Ezzie!

Idan, thanks as well. I considered cloning out the spot, but a) wouldn't want to be blamed for "Fautography," and b) sorta' feel it balances the composition, like the moon might have, if it had been clear, and gives a sense of the rain. But your comments are appreciated.



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