Thursday, November 30

Seriously worthwhile posts (nothing to sneeze at!)

Blogging was and will be light today, due to a scattered - but nasty - head cold-front moving in fast, as well as work projects (damned how they always go together like that, huh?).

In the meantime, two well-written, moving posts:

This week would have been my daughter's 21st birthday.

She won't be here to celebrate it, though. Five years ago, a Palestinian terrorist ended my Malki's life while she stood in line in the Sbarro pizza restaurant in the center of Jerusalem. Fourteen other innocent Israelis, including seven children, perished with her. One family was decimated -­ both parents and three of their eight children died.

That terror bombing elicited responses from leaders around the world. But not many. And certainly nowhere near as many as Israel's November 8th attack on Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip. That misfired artillery shell has unleashed a torrent of anti-Israel rhetoric both within Israel and beyond. After the first 24 hours, it drew 2,026 articles on Google. Fifty Sri Lankan civilians were killed in another artillery shelling that same day. By comparison, only 141 stories reported on their deaths.

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My audio report
for The Jerusalem Post of that day's terror, can be heard in the podcast player on the upper rt-hand corner of this page.

Breakfast in the Dan Panorama Hotel, Jerusalem. Tables groan under the weight of endless plates and baskets of food. An American group of Christians sit together, clasp hands, say a prayer to Jesus and dig in. The women all wear ankle-length L.L. Bean style dresses with neat little capelets over their chests, and fabulous stiff white translucent bonnets on their heads. Hair is uniformly swept back into a tight, severe bun. Think of your 19th century local school marm. The men wear jeans and plaid shirts. They have beards without mustaches--Amish style. I learn that the men work in trades: carpenters, shoemakers, garage door installers, "honest labor."

"I'm Bother Peter."
"Are you Mennonites?"
"No, we are The Old German Brotherhood. And you are an Orthodox Jew. I can tell by your black beanie."

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