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Sderot media under-coverage: hope amid despair

Allison at Israelity just about nails what I am feeling these recent days and weeks about events in Gaza (with the pain over unintentional civilian deaths) - and Sderot:

Every time I read about what is going on in Gaza I am continually surprised and disgusted. This Haaretz article reports about an abandoned IDF raid on a house in Gaza. They warned the resident of the place to leave, and were planning to hit it - because it is known as a weapons storage facility. Someone “called out the troops” as it were - and groups of Palestinian civilians (also terrorists? hard to tell) came to protect the house.

You read correctly - they were willing to risk their lives in order to save the ammunition held inside.
And our media colleagues? Omri at Mererhetoric writes in a white heat:

This one kind of goes along with the "why are Palestinian threats of genocide OK just because they're really pissed off" post that''s just below. Except it's more like "why are Palestinians actions that are totally evil and inspired by 9th century barbarism OK just because they're really pissed off".
Meanwhile, just across the way (but, apparently light years from our policymakers) in Sderot - where all those weapons are aimed - over a thousand this year alone, Rinat at Balagan - a seasoned reporter who's seen enough mayhem in her career, is moved to tears, after interviewing schoolchildren about living (living? - barely coping is more like it) under the daily rocket barrages.

In the words of Professor Efraim Inbar, writing in The Jerusalem Post:

The fear of military casualties and the subsequent hesitation on part of Israel's leadership to conduct military operations also constitute a violation of the basic social contract around which a state is built.

The Zionist rationale was founded on the desire to end the helplessness of the Jew in the Diaspora by building a Jewish state whose main function was to defend its Jewish citizens - by force if necessary. (...) While foolproof defense is not always a realistic goal, the Jewish state seems to have difficulty in fulfilling its most basic function - providing security to its citizens.

Four thousand Katyushas during the last summer as well as the continuous downpour of Kassams on Israeli settlements in the Northern Negev raise the question: Why should Israelis pay taxes to build and strengthen an army, if the state is reluctant to use the military force at its disposal for the protection of its citizens?

Piles of spent Kassam rockets stacked behind Sderot's police station (Photo: Rinat)

Why indeed, Ehud?:
"I am against causing southern residents to flee their homes, and against millionaires' PR maneuvers on the account of people for other considerations," the prime minister told the ministers.

He added: "Do they want to portray us as people who flee their homes? Will we leave Kiryat Shmona, Tiberias and Safed empty? Is this not a declaration of surrender?"

You tell us - better yet, tell the children of Sderot. And while you're going - take Dan and Amir with you.

And don't let the door slam allayouse' in the ass on the way out.

Previous Sderot coverage is here, and daisychains backwards.

And finally, (yet again) posting this press conference with Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal:

Sderot Mayor: 'Kassams? We Stopped Counting'

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