Saturday, November 4

The Rabin assassination: Another look

Carl, over at IsraelMatzav pours scalding water on the annual memorial over the Yitzhak Rabin assassination, laying out his take, throwing serious, sincere doubts on Yigal Amir's guilt in the murder:
YNet wonders why Yigal Amir stays in the public light. They went to 'experts.' The 'experts,' all leftist professors, wring their hands and complain about "the groups that stand behind Amir," "that the political system is leaning increasingly more to the right," "the educational system escaped all interest," and one professor who claims that Amir is not in the public light, and describes him with an obscenity I will not repeat.
He's posted a series of Israeli news video clips, supporting his contentions. Worth a viewing.

(This isn't Barry Chamishland, either, 11 years later, there are enough responsible, respectable voices wondering about the whole affair, not the least of which being Rabin's late wife, Leah).

Meanwhile, in a jarring counterpoint, the ceremony itself is taking place as we go to press at the square where it all happened.
Here is the Knesset's Rabin memorial page.

Saul Singer at The Jerusalem Post has a moving requiem about Rabin, the assassination, and a changed Israel.

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