Thursday, November 16

Post with utterly no redeeming Jewish, Israeli, or Palestinian value...

Sometimes at night, scientists stare out at the vast universe, and they wonder what’s out there. They wonder if it’s wondering about us. They wonder if whatever's out there is, at that very moment, looking down and marveling at the Great Wall of China or the glimmering lights of our magnificent cities. Or the giant faces of our fast-food mascots.

After many months of secrecy and hiding enormous tiles behind its back whenever anyone walked in the room, KFC revealed an 87,500-square-foot smiling mug of Colonel Sanders yesterday, installed in the Nevada desert near Area 51 (of course). The icon has earned KFC the distinction of being the world’s first brand to be visible from space, made possible by some 50 designers, architects, engineers and astrophysicists who surprisingly didn’t have more pressing tasks to attend to.

(And to think: I spent my high-school, wonder-years, jes' a-slavin' away over a deep-fat fryer at - of all things - the competition: Church's Chicken... damn good spicy chicken, though - treif as hell, but good!)


kirsten namskau said...

Yeah... you see, the first thing coming inn after a revolution in any country is... KFC, Mac Donals, Pizza hut, what is more important that those. Democracy & freedom stars with fast food.

Dave said...


Two questions:

What revolution?

Are you just trying to be wry/clever - and not quite getting there, or, do you really mean what you're not saying very clearly?


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