Sunday, November 26

Peace breaks out between Olmert, Abbas; IDF soldier still kidnapped (UPDATE II)

Gaza: Palestinian
Kassam rocket crew readies
volley for firing. (Photo: archive)

(UPDATE) Whoops! Seems our erstwhile leaders clinked champagne glasses just a wee bit too soon. From Haaretz:
The Israel Defense Forces said all troops were withdrawn from Gaza in the hours before the cease-fire began. Streets in northern Gaza were empty immediately after the truce took hold. Minutes before the ceasefire went into effect, Palestinian militants in Gaza fired at least three Qassam rockets at Israel.

One of the rockets hit a house in Sderot, causing damage but no injuries:
Two Qassams landed at the entrances to kibbutzim in the western Negev, causing no damage or injuries. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attacks. Several additional rockets hit open areas in Israel during the course of the night. No damage or injuries were reported.
(UPDATE II) Double whoops! (C'mon - you saw this one coming a mile away, right?...):

The armed faction of the Islamic Jihad and Abu Reish, an armed faction of Fatah, both announced early Sunday that they were not part of the ceasefire agreement.

A spokesman for Abu Reish denied the movement's participation in Saturday's meeting between Palestinian Authority Prime Minster Ismail Haniyeh and Palestinian factions during which the ceasefire was agreed.

From Yid With Lid, who takes sharp aim at this developing report:

Just in time for Holiday Season Sales, Hamas has announced the re-release of the terrorists favorite toy, Ceasefire, the game Mid-East Peace. It has been a few months since we played so let me give you a refresher course on how the game works.

Each round starts with a Terrorist leader announcing a ceasefire, well sort of, remember Oslo? Recall those promises to remove the call for the destruction of Israel from the PLO’s charter? Ever wonder the destruction of Israel is still in the PLO charter years later? The reason is that a key part of the game’s opening move. Terrorist leadership has to convince the world it wants peace, but to use fuzzy language to give it an out. In the case of Gaza, Abbas called Olmert to tell him:

“That he had received an agreement from all the different Palestinian factions to the ceasefire and in response "requested that Israel would stop all military operations in the Gaza Strip, and withdraw all its forces from there.

"Israel accepted a Palestinian cease-fire to go in effect Sunday morning, and will stop military operations in Gaza in return for an end to all Palestinian violence, including rocket fire, tunneling, and suicide bombers, the Prime Minister's Office announced Saturday night."

According to reports, there was no discussion of the return of the kidnapped soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit, the reason the IDF offensive started.

An undated image released by
the family of Gilad Shalit.
(Associated Press)

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