Monday, November 27

'Peace breaking out' index: Kassams hammer Sderot

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V/O (1940's-style radio announcer): "And here's the latest 'Peace breaking out' index for Monday evening, November 27th - two days into the ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinians in Gaza again fired several Kassam rockets into nearby Sderot; there were no injuries or reported damage in the attack.

Meanwhile, as The Jerusalem Post reports:

Jenin Islamic Jihad leader, Mahmoud Al Saadi, threatened that his organization would carry out suicide bombings deep inside Israeli territory in response to Israeli violations of the cease-fire in the West Bank.

Al Saadi called on his counterparts in Gaza to reject the fledgling truce unless it covered all the Palestinian territories and warned that his group might launch a suicide attack on Israel.

And Haaretz informs us:

Israel Defense Forces troops in the West Bank shot dead at least one member of a militant group with ties to Gaza's Popular Resistance Committees early Monday, raising concerns that there could be a violent response from the Strip.

In the words of Omri at Mererhetoric:

Seriously, could we please do some sort of review of basic effing material existence here? A ceasefire does not "take hold" if there are multiple "Palestinian rocket attacks". That's not what ceasefire means, for crying. Out. Loud. That's the opposite of a ceasefire. That's "Israel not responding to Palestinian provocation"... maybe! But it's not a ceasefire, because - you see - fire hasn't ceased. It's just not what that word means.

SOUND UP: TELETYPE (under v/o)

This has been a "Peace breaking out" index update for Monday evening, November 27th. More background about the tremulous ceasefire is here.


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