Sunday, November 26

Palestinian 'wannabe' suicide bomber to US Jewish reporter: 'Enjoy your tea before hell'

Following - if it's to be accepted at face value - is an excerpt of an interview between an American Jewish reporter and a 23-year-old Palestinian in the West Bank city of Jenin, who has been recruited to become a suicide bomber:

WND: You talk about fighting them, the Jews. I'm an American Jew. Do you want to kill me?

BOMBER: You are here and nobody hurts you and nobody thinks to do so. But if, unfortunately for you, if you will be in a place where my (suicide) operation will take place, I will not feel sorrow.

You American Jews are fully partners with the Zionists and even more dangerous than the Israelis because of the international support you give to the Israelis in their massacres against our people and the maintenance of the occupation.

WND: So if after today's meeting you saw me in a cafe in Jerusalem that you were sent to attack, you'd still try to blow it up?

BOMBER: At the moment there will not be a place for feelings and hesitations. If I go in an operation it means that I decided to leave behind my loved ones – my mother, my father, brothers and sisters, all my family and my friends. And if I am capable of this I would not give you a break just because we met for one time.

Meanwhile and before I drive you to hell in an operation, enjoy your tea and our hospitality. (Laughing).

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