Monday, November 13

Noo Yawkah gives Borat knuckle sandwich - My knuckles are feeling the love

This is soooo satisfying:
BORAT star Sacha Baron Cohen was beaten up by a passer-by after he tried to play a prank as his alter ego.

He approached the man and said: “I like your clothings. Are nice! Please may I buying? I want have sex with it.”

But the bystander didn’t see the joke. He took one look at Cohen and punched him in the face.

The funnyman — known for his Borat catchphrase “Jagshemash!” — yelled for help but was slugged again and again.

New York, my kinda' town...

And not to seem prejudiced against the rest of the good ole' US of A, here's the response of a southern resident to the humoristic stylings of Mr. Cohen:

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