Tuesday, November 21

New Arab video clip site: dissin' da hijab...

Ikbis is a new Arab video clip site aiming for the English-speaking, but Arabic-based culture market.

Lebanese blogger Beirut Spring, (Wiki) who posted about it, asks a reasonable question:
You might be asking: "Does the world really need another Youtube?"

For a start, the website has just launched and it's a chance for instant fame. A Lebanese girl has already shot herself dancing in her room and sent it, sparking the curiosity of hundreds of viewers.

Do I hear competition brewing for "Tasha & Dishka?" Yalla, Sulha!

And going by the initial batch of uploaded clips, they sure ain't planning on YouTube-type segs calling for war on the Zionazi infidels, and Iraqi snuff clips. Well, at least not yet:

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