Sunday, November 5

'Multiculti' BBC hires Jews for Israel office, adopts Sharia Law

Go figure, huh?

From (or, perhaps in this case, "frum") Totally Jewish:

As the debate rages on over BBC bias in its Israel coverage, two Jewish journalists were this week appointed to join the corporation’s reporting team in Jerusalem.

Tim Franks will take up the role of a Middle East correspondent while Katya Adler will leave her current posting in Madrid to become a Middle East reporter.

Meanwhile, in the other corner of the round room:
The BBC's 'diversity tsar' Mary Fitzpatrick proposes to atone for these sins of the British Broadcasting Corporation's staff by implementing a new Sharia policy, based on suggestions from the greater Islamic community. "Effective immediately, the Sharia policy will become mandatory for all of our gay and liberal employees, including our gay and liberal elites," Ms. Fitzpatrick announced at the summit.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to take the BBC seriously about any diversity measures.

Anonymous said...

Last comment was from Jack @ Random Thoughts.


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