Thursday, November 16

Israel's wildly successful YouTube dance duo do it again! (video)

Remember those two women who had a monster YouTube video of them lip-synching a Pixies song?
With a single three-minute dance video, two young Israeli women accomplished what the country's public relations officials have been after for decades - gaining an audience of 10 million adoring viewers.

With the help of YouTube, a Web site that allows people to watch and share videos for free, Lital "Tasha" Mizel and Adi "Dishka" Frimmerman have made their lip-synching interpretation of rock group The Pixies "Hey" the fourth most popular video of all time, with 9,993,604 viewers to date.

Well, get on your dancin' shoes, 'cause, they're back! From their video page:
Me and Dishka created, edited and danced to the
cute song from the 60's "Do you love me" by "The Contours"
and the song: Dr. Demento - Funny Farm "They're Coming To Take Me Away."

e were inspired by "American Apparel" cool clothes!

(HT: Omri)

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