Sunday, November 5

Blue & White cooldom at 'Level Ground'

Blogging and random rants will be light in coming days, with scattered showers expected for the Tel Aviv area, which is where I'll be covering Telecom 2006 for both Israel21c, and - and here, 'natch. Excerpts from the article:
(...) "We have a lot of innovation," says organizer Yair Ofek, deputy director-general of the Israel Export Institute.

"We have a lot of solutions, we have a lot of technologies that can help big, as well as medium-sized companies to be better, to give more services to their customers, and to be more efficient," Ofek told ISRAEL21C.

MusicGenome say they want to revolutionize the paradigm of how listeners are exposed to, listen and purchase music online. After you've chosen the songs, and pulled out your credit card for the payment transaction, CallingID, promises "improved e-commerce and online banking protection." Then, so you'll be able to tell your friends all about it face-to-face, as ipoint-media, plans to add "interactive video telephony (video calling) services to mobile 3G subscribers or IP broadband users."

The guys liked your taste in music? Spread the groove with Nareos, who say says their mobile file-sharing technology will provide a "complete solution for distribution of digital content through mobile networks." After that, you can all share the joy with a SendM email sent seamlessly via an SMS mobile text message.

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I'll be posting an audio podcast in the Odeo player near the upper, left-side of this page soon, with coverage, exclusive interviews with vendors, VIP's and lots of insider first-looks at Blue & White hi-tech cooldom - so c
heck back here throughout the week for the latest updates.

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