Wednesday, October 11

YouTube ok's Bush snuff film, censures political spoof (Video)

I usually stay away from US internal politics, unless the mood (or cash up front) moves me, but this was too good:

David Zucker, producer of a slew of funny Hollywood movies (Airplane, Naked Gun) has come out with a clip slamming the Democrats, and doing a drop kick in the butt (and what a butt) to former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, just in time for upcoming elections on Capitol Hill:

Amazingly, YouTube has flagged the video as having "offensive," content, although it's about as "offensive" as, say actor Leslie Neilsen's gags in any of Zuker's films. But, as Little Green Footballs notes, "...the fictional assassination of George W. Bush? No problem: YouTube - Death of a President":

On the right side of the political spectrum (and others) there's a growing Internet brush fire over YouTube's presumed Left-tilting, hyper politically-correct policies.

So why am I posting this imbroglio? Well, consider Defense Minister Amir Peretz's "can't we all just get along?," overtures to Syria - and Chief chinless wonder boy Bashar Assad's near-instantaneous reply, and the distinct possibility that A) Iraqi weapons of mass-destruction are hidden in Syria, according to IDF and foreign reports, and B) Syria's military cooperation with Iran before, during and since Lebanon War II: The Debacle!

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