Tuesday, October 3

(UPDATED) Arab bloggers ired at Israelis in Jordanian film school (Podcast)

From The Jerusalem Post:

Jordanian King Abdullah II's promise earlier this month to create a
Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts in Jordan (RSICA), which will include Israeli film students, has caused a stir among bloggers on line from all over the Middle East.

Click here for the audio podcast.

UPDATE: Well. It turns out that the above is not the real story at all, at least according to Jordanian blogger Mental mayhem:
First of all, the title of the Post's article -- Arab bloggers upset Jordanian school open to Israelis -- is completely inaccurate. It was not Arab bloggers who were upset. In fact, both Amin, Laith and myself were absolutely thrilled about the project. It was on-line commenters, most of whom were anonymous, that expressed dissatisfaction with the project. Obviously, the journalist who wrote this piece does not know the difference between a blogger and a commenter.

I also noticed that the journalist -- Ruth Eglash -- decided to highlight the exact same comments that I highlighted on my blog last week and without making any reference to my blog. It is obvious here that the journalist did not do a fair and forthright job, as she focused only on the negative comments and reported inaccurate information by referring to commenters as bloggers. What irresponsible journalism! without mentioning the fact that I, the blogger, was excited about the project

More from Jordanian blogger Black Iris.

And as Dave of Israellycool notes:
The Jerusalem Post has since changed the title of the offending article from Arab bloggers upset Jordanian school open to Israelis to Arab bloggers: Jordan school can't admit Israelis, without notifying of any correction.
If this is indeed the case, I stand corrected and apologize for inaccuracies in my report and podcast.

HT: Israellycool.

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