Saturday, October 21

Tales of 'Near-Death Experiences' in Israel

Erica Chernofsky at The Jerusalem Post takes an interesting look - and takes the time to write a long-format article (not sure if it's also as long in the print version) - on the subject of "Near Death-Experiences."

From Wikipedia:

A 'core' near-death experience reflects — as intensity increases according to the Rasch scalepeace, joy and harmony, followed by insight and mystical or religious experiences (Lange, Greyson & Houran, 2004). The most intense NDEs involve an awareness of things occurring in a different place or time. Among the clinical circumstances that are thought to lead to an NDE we find such factors as: cardiac arrest, shock in postpartum loss of blood or in perioperative complications, septic or anaphylactic shock, electrocution, coma, intracerebral haemorrhage or cerebral infarction, attempted suicide, near-drowning or asphyxia, apnoea, serious depression (van Lommel et al., 2001).

Worth a read.

Here's a compelling YouTube entry about the subject:

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