Tuesday, October 3

A room with a view (Photo)

Yes, verily, Yom Kippur's 25-hour fast ended Sunday night (easily for all, I hope) to a volley of hammering and drilling throughout the Land, as Israelis raced to set up Succah booths for the week-long festivities beginning Friday evening.
This vendor of Succah booths offers a room with a view of the Third Temple, as he sets up his wares in the parking lot of a Jerusalem mall.

A concise Succot to-do list is here. More background is here (for a start...).

I will try to shoot pics of the "best and the brightest" of this autumn's Succah fashions and post here (no doubt including the ever-popular Christmas garlands foisted off on unsuspecting Israelis...), so check back here thoughout the week.

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