Tuesday, October 31

Obligatory Borat post about Jews (Video? Sheesh. Of course there's video)

(Sigh) Must it come to this? To have become a mere flack for the masses, an unpaid viral promoter of the newest media shark-pool feeding frenzy?

Jewlicious has an outtake from the upcoming Borat flic, where Baron tries to adopts a dog, but first checks out it's "Jew hunting" potential.

The animal shelter employee's slapdown response to Cohen's request is great, as a change from others he "interviews" who come off looking like utter imbeciles - even if the are. But then again, I never liked "Candid Camera," or Israel's "Fisfoosim," either, for surreptitiously humiliating strangers for the vacuous, voyeuristic "entertainment" of the masses.

I'm funny like that.

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