Tuesday, October 17

McDonald's - I'm Hatin' it!

A group of about 15 "twenty-something," self-described animal-rights supporters and anarchists held a protest vigil outside the downtown Jerusalem branch of McDonald's Monday evening.

The group, blowing whistles and shouting through a megaphone, called on passersby near the Ben-Yehuda pedestrian mall not to eat at the restaurant, due to what they described as the food corporation's harmful policies.

"McDonald's puts profits before people, animals and the planet," group leader Amnon Keren, 24, of Jerusalem, told Israel At Level Ground, and called on Israelis to boycott the chain.

Keren, noting that the group had numbered about 30 earlier in the afternoon, added that similar vigils were being held concurrently in front of branches in Ra'anana, Kfar Saba, Haifa, Rehovot and Beersheba, as well as at many locations worldwide today.

There was a brief, non-violent, altercation with a diner, who, stepping out to protest the noisy demonstration loudly argued with Keren over the usefulness of such vigils.

A small crowd of about 20 pedestrians gathered across the narrow street, and spirited discussions about the eatery were bandied about. Several, apparently bemused, kipa-wearing Jews, ironically found themselves on the same side of the ideological divide as the protesters, due to McDonald's non-kosher status because the chain is open on Shabbat.

Demonstrator in front of downtown branch,
as Ronald and "Happy Meal" look on. Poster:
"McDonald's 'McExploits employees.'"
(Photo: Dave Bender)

Diner, waving ice cream cone in face of protest
group leader, argues that noisy demonstration
those inside eatery. Lower poster:
"McDonald's 'McPoisons' children."
(Photo: Dave Bender)

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Shanah said...

For a second there, I was wondering how the Mickey D's "M" got into the Hebrew alef-bet...I didn't think we had that much influence on Israeli culture.

As an American Jew, I stand in support of Israeli McDonalds-- they're the only fast food chains in the world that give you real beef in your burger.

Dave said...

Apparently, that is debatable (according to these kiddos, and a observant pedestrian who claimed they used Trigger as McWhopper-Helper...)


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