Tuesday, October 31

Lebanon: Gunners fired at Israeli overflights

Lebanese army anti-aircraft gunners reportedly fired at Israel Air Force warplanes during foray over south Lebanon

Ynet News:
Lebanese eyewitnesses: Israeli jets perform mock raids over Hizbullah stronghold of Dahiya in southern Beirut for first time since fighting ended in August; Israeli army says jets sent on recon-intel mission

United Nations peacekeepers, Lebanon: IAF overflights violate Security Council Resolution 1701

The Jerusalem Post:
Overflights come hours after UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen tells Security Council that Lebanese government reported arms smuggling from Syria

The IAF sorties, which Israel says will continue, may well have been in response to an earlier, semi-satirical report:

HizbullahCo revamping biz model,
rejigs core industry

For extensive (and I do mean extensive) coverage and documentation of Hizbullah terror activities, including video evidence, click here.

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