Wednesday, October 18

The Israel Wayback Machine: (pre, pre, pre, pre- 'Skype Out')

One Jerusalem has a cute item illustrating what I've been trying to tell my kids for a long time: what using telephony here was like BEFORE the Internet, and the advent of SkypeOutMSNMessengerAOLYahooGoogle, cellphone SIM cards, prepaid calling cards, you-fill-in-the-blank, etc...
Ok, granted, they go a bit further back than I was aiming for - 1925(!) - but hey, the dialing instructions for calling Bethlehem from Jerusalem (about two whole miles - tops) are worth the price of admission. What I still don't though, get is where the "asimon" telephone token goes:

Remember these? My kids don't.

(Crcoss-posted at Israelity)

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