Thursday, September 14

Striking original photography for - and against Israel (Original photo)

(along with its sister sites, TrekLens, and TrekNature) is a very active, well moderated photographic site for amateur-level to pros wanting to feature their original photography.

Israel is well represented, and updates several times a day. I have posted photos there, as well.

So are the Palestinian territories, as well as our neighboring countries. Although most of the imagery is simply peer-reviewed and enjoyed, many if not most of those about PA area shots are accompanied by agitprop, in a sort of "soft-propaganda" exploitation, unfortunately (no surprise, right?).

So, I recommend clicking over and getting am eyeful of great (...and, umm, almost great) photography - and also learning something of why the basic assumptions against Israel abroad, vis a vis, say, the West Bank and Jerusalem security barrier are so prevalent (read the comments below the pic).

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