Friday, September 29

Police: criminals behind Rishon car bombing (UPDATED)

One person was killed, and at least three pedestrians sustained light to moderate wounds when a car exploded at 98 Herzl Street, corner Carmel.

One person bearing an Israeli ID card was killed inside the vehicle, according to Mayor Meir Nitzan, speaking with Channel 1 TV. Police and security forces say the individual, who was positively identified, had a criminal background.

Nitzan alluded to a high speed car chase earlier in the day during the interview, but did not provide details, citing police intelligence concerns.

More at Ynet News.

There are currently 17 alerts for terror attacks throughout the country; police forces are beefed up along "seam line" areas in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and in the capital's Old City as Muslims conclude the first day of Ramadan month prayers on the Temple Mount.

Security forces succeeded in foiling no less than ten terror attacks in the last two weeks, including discovering a ten kilogram bomb belt in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus several days ago. There are also reports of plans to kidnap Israelis, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Due to the terror alerts, security forces this morning imposed a curfew on the West Bank and Gaza that will continue until after Yom Kippur, Monday night.

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