Thursday, September 7

'A Nation of Heroes - A Government of Cowards'

Treppenwitz, cross-posting at Israelity about the human, political and strategic aftermath of the war believes that since Israel's leadership
[...] agreed to that shameful ceasefire they have continued making and breaking a seemingly endless stream of promises. They promised the Israeli people that the laughable terms of the ceasefire would lead to the unconditional return of the hostages. They promised the families of the hostages they wouldn’t lift the embargo of Lebanon until the hostages were returned. They promised the world they would never negotiate a prisoner exchange with terrorists.

I am sick inside at the realization that there is literally no honor in the lot of them and that there is quite simply no promise our current leaders won’t break.

I have woken up every morning this week thoroughly ashamed to be an Israeli… and far too angry to write.

Bumper sticker on door of Nahariya apartment building damaged in Katyusha rocket strike; shrapnel pockmarks are visible at right. Translation: "Gush Katif & Samaria (northern West Bank) - We Have Love and it Will Win," a slogan of right-wingers, used, and later discarded, who opposed last year's Gaza Strip pullout. (Photo: Dave Bender)

Dave, you have read my mind - and beat me to a cross-posting here about just that sense of despair over the results.

Having traveled throughout the north with aid groups repeatedly during the fighting, and viewed firsthand the grim results, since the "end" of the warfare my feeling is (and not just mine) that Israelis are aching for more of a resolution than a "war of the Jews" over who's to blame, and who came out on top.

What I don't share with you is the "shame" over being an Israeli. I am proud beyond words over how the "average" Israeli coped - despite the poliical echelon's near absolute screw-up of everything related to administering the opening, course and aftermath of the war against Hizbullah.

As the bumpersticker I've seen around town says: Medina Shel Giborim - Memshala Shel Pachdanim (A Nation of Heroes - A Government of Cowards).

More on this issue here, here and here.

(Cross-posted as a comment at Israelity)

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